Heinz Fischer

I have lived on this planet (or to be more precise in the canton Aargau) since 1950.
Music has been a constant companion throughout my life.
First I played the trumpet, then I took up the saxophone.
I made a living as a secondary teacher for maths, biology and chemistry between 1970 and 2016 and as a sideline activity I attended the amateur Jazz School in Lucerne.

Now I am the saxophonist, arranger and composer in several bands.

Margret Milewski

I grew up in Poland, Austria, Germany and Switerzland.
Music is an elixir of life for me.
After a sound education as a pianist and singer in the classical genre I found through my studies at the University of the Arts in Bern a way to live out my affinity to jazz, rock and pop music…

… and this experience led me to become the pianist and singer of our band.

Valentin Fischer

Born in 1988, I grew up in the canton of Aargau, I have lived in Zurich and just moved to Gersau. I first started to take music lessons for the violin when I was in primary school. Later, as a teenager, the drums became more appealing – probably because of the higher amplitude….
At a very early stage I developed a passion for jazz music as well as for the nuances of Afro-Cuban rhythms. During college I was part of a percussion group at the “Neue Kantonsschule Aarau”. After college I studied Economy and Finance at the universities of Basel and Zurich.

Currently I am working as a consultant for financial risks in the financial industry.

Christian Bachmann

Born in 1970. I started my musical journey in the classical genre with the recorder and the piano. As a teenager I got more and more fascinated by Latin and Psychedelic Rock. Eventually my path led me to the E-bass and Contrabass and therefore also to jazz…and yeah, the bass is a lot of fun for Bachmann!

Today I work as a musician in different band formations as well as an electrics technician focusing on repairs in the section of the good old tube technology.

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