Short version of “Beatrice”
A lovely composition by Sam Rivers. He dedicated the song to his wife who he had left (or had she thrown him out…?)
He was a multi instrumentalist and could really “go crazy” in his solos.


Excerpt from “Westcoast Blues” by Wes Montgomery
The melody gives a flowing impression with its 6/4 tact and thus appears very elegant.


Who doesn’t know “Imagine”?
The song by John Lennon is still visionary today… and more topical and current than ever…


Excerpt (the ending) of “Samba de Aviah”
Antonio Carlos Jobim, short Tom Jobim, has composed a lot of pieces which are still known and played today, which is a clear sign of quality.


Excerpt (the ending) of “Ulug’s Dream”.
Composition by Heinz Fischer. Heinz dedicated the song to the virtuoso guitarist Ulug ÷zkan. Ulug plays together with Heinz, Christian and the drummer Michael Hammer in another quartett, the Caracol-Quartett. A warning to all guitarists: Never go to one of Ulug’s concerts. You will throw away your guitar immediately afterwards!

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